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Fialta is a dual-couple quartet from California specializing in ornate indie pop rich with multi-harmonies, keyboards, ukulele, and electronic elements. 


New Album Coming August 5, 2016

Fialta is...

Beth Clements -- Vocals, Piano, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Synth

David Provenzano -- Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion

Michael Leibovich -- Vocals, Drums, Synth Bass, Keyboards

Sarah Shotwell -- Vocals, Piano, Synth, Glockenspiel

“If summer had a soundtrack, they’d be a power artist.”

-Content Magazine

In 1936, Vladamir Nabokov published a story about a fictionalized Mediterranean town where an enigmatic protagonist explores the themes of vacation, unreliable memory, idealized love, and the confusion evoked by time passing. Nabokov called the town “Fialta.” In 2011, this imagined place inspired the name of a California-based indie-pop quartet, who saw it as the perfect fit: whimsical yet dark. The idea of Fialta captured the mood of the songs they’d written, which marry smiling, summery melodies to haunting, weather-beaten lyrics.

Fialta, a California-based indie pop quartet, includes Michael Leibovich, Beth Clements, David Provenzano, and Sarah Shotwell, all experienced multi-instrumentalists who joined forces in 2011 to write and record their harmony, keyboard, and percussion-driven pop. Leibovich and Provenzano were touring with former band Sherwood when they met Clements and Shotwell, who were living in Connecticut and Seattle, respectively. At the time, Clements was finishing her Master’s in English Education at the University of Connecticut and Shotwell was enrolled in a creative writing MFA at the University of Washington. Soon, all four were sending tracks back and forth over email and holding critique sessions over Skype. When, one-by-one, the foursome finally returned to California, they already had a great foundation in place.

Self-described as a democratic collective of songwriters, Fialta has been characterized in live performances by constant movement and instrument-swapping (a spectacle that sometimes happens even mid-song). They have come to describe their sound as “Central Coast Literary Pop,” a genre they dotingly created for their sun-drenched, winter-dreading, narrative sensibilities, honed as much by a love of poetry, fiction and film as by the landscape of their beloved town, San Luis Obispo. Fialta is fairly unabashed about this regionalism. As Turntable Kitchen writes, “...there is the sense that they couldn’t have come from anywhere else.”

Fialta released their debut album, Summer Winter, worldwide on July 23rd, 2013, and is releasing their followup LP, Shadow of a Drought, on August 5th, 2016.



"Summer Winter" featured in LA Music Blog's "Summer Heat Wave."

"Greek Pretender" is featured on NBC's "A to Z."

"Baby, I" is featured on NBC's "A to Z."

"Sleepy Time" featured in Chipotle commercial PBS show "Food Forward." 

Mikey appears as featured musician on season finale of NBC's "About a Boy." 

"Baby, I" is featured on MTV's "Awkward."

"Sleepy Time" is featured on NBC's "About a Boy." 

"Photographs" featured on MTV's "Awkward." 

"Sleepy Time" is featured in a MINDBODY commercial

"Baby, I" featured in NBC's "Parenthood."

Fialta opens for Colbie Caillat at Vina Robles Amphitheater. 

"Baby, I" is featured in a Yammer commercial

Debut album, Summer Winter, is released. 

All Music Guide exclusively premieres Fialta's full-length album, Summer Winter, one week before release.  

"Greek Pretender" gets added to regular rotation on CA radio station Krush 92.5.

"Summer Winter" is featured in a Kmart commercial.  


"Fialta whips up cleverly arranged, erudite pop confections with lots of handclaps, glockenspiel, and ukulele, all of which are peppered with crystalline harmonies with a sound that handles the precarious spinning plates of suburban folk, self aware indie pop and local musical theater." [7/15/2013]
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"It’s a shame that California indie-pop band Fialta‘s album Summer Winter isn’t coming out until July. If latest single “Photographs” is any indication of the rest of the LP, this record would make for a soundtrack to a complete summer." [6/09/2013]  
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"'Photographs' by Fialta ... pulls out all the summer stops in a song of youth with a bittersweet edge of memory and loss: power-pop guitars, high and breathless harmonies, whistles, tambourines and even sleigh bells." [5/27/2013] 
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