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"Lovingly detailed, erudite indie pop." -- AllMusic

Last July, California-based indie pop quartet Fialta released their second full length record, Shadow of a Drought -- a, wry, synth-laced, pop meditation on life in the 21st Century which debuted on Billboard as the #1 Pacific Album and the #10 Heatseekers' Album. Fialta includes Beth Clements, Mike Leibovich, Sarah Shotwell, and David Provenzano, two married couples who teamed up in 2011. 

Shadow of a Drought is a balanced departure from Fialta’s first record, Summer Winter (2013), retaining plenty of the band's surfy, west coast overtones while showcasing electronic elements and high-energy, dance-worthy rhythms. The album title’s pun was pulled from a line in Fialta’s forthcoming single, “Do the Best We Can,” a soaring, harmonic, millennial anthem inspired by the dangerous drought conditions faced by the band’s home state. The rest of the album follows suit thematically, wrestling with the implications of drought of all kinds: environmental, spiritual, creative, and relational. But the hooky, harmony-driven record never steers too far into serious waters, delivering incisive lyrical observations with synthy, sun-drenched, melodic fervor and a touch of irony, qualities that have earned Fialta comparisons to bands like Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, Phoenix, and Stars.

The tightly knit four piece are multi-instrumentalists who regularly swap roles during their live set, employ dueling male/female lead vocals, and collaborate on writing and producing. This April, Fialta will head out on a west coast tour with Surrogate and Tyson Motsenbocker.